The Daughter of Invention

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More About This Title The Daughter of Invention


This collection assembles 49 free-verse poems in three sections: “Blueprints,” “Inventions,” and “Patents Pending”.  If necessity is the mother of invention—who is the daughter? Metaphors collide and combust, expand and contract, imploding or exploding, converting potential to kinetic energy. Alchemy crucibles coal to diamond, a carbon copy. Metaphor morphs from a grain of sand under the tongue, a pearl moiled of imperfection as surrounding sounds surrender them in a daydream. Imagination no matter what heat index or wind chill factor sails off the edge of a flat earth in a brainstorm—into the very DNA alphabet soup. By sharing her imaginings and epiphanies, the author connects her readers with the complexities and mystics of humanity, our fierceness and our tenderness, with exceptional honesty and brilliance.


Kathryn Ann Young is a poet. She has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and received numerous awards such as the Award of Excellence from ZUZU’S Poetry Quarterly, The Missouri Women’s Poetry Award, and The Psi Iota Xi Award. Her works have been widely published in journals including Confluence, Poet Lore, and The Spoon River Review. She lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana.