Changing Education to Change the World

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More About This Title Changing Education to Change the World


In this sequel to Healing Civilization, Dr. Naranjo addresses the cultural and ecological crisis of the 21st Century. He reviews a number of theories and approaches to bettering society and advocates, in particular, the innovation of making the educational system more ethically and spiritually directed--more inner directed than devoted to sustaining current economic or cultural models for society. Naranjo examines the relationship between past historical eras and cultural progress and the growth and development of the individual child from infancy to maturity and old age. While sober in tone regarding these various global crises, the author maintains an optimistic view based on the continuing spiritual development of humanity. 


Claudio Naranjo, M.D., is the author of Character & Neurosis, Ennea-Type Structures, and The One Quest. He has taught comparative religion at the California Institute of Asian Studies, human psychology at the University of California at Santa Cruz, and meditation at Nyingma Institute of Berkeley, California. He lives in Berkeley, California.