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Joel can’t remember anything before the age of six other than the train exploding around him. His savior and adoptive father, Kevin O’Brien, continues to be Joel’s only family since no one else has claimed him. At seventeen Joel’s father buys an old hotel in hopes of giving both it and them a fresh start. Despite its age, possible “Axe Murderer”, and living with a beautiful girl who despises him, the place has promise. Legends of treasure fill the surrounding mountains. People in Montezuma County call it, “The Oasis”. Gold miners dream of its overflowing wealth; however, shamans spit its curse from their lips. Decrepit as the Valley Resort is, all the stories point towards Joel’s new home, and somehow he feels connected to them.


M. H. Crawford graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with degrees in both Psychology and Sociology. He began writing Oasis after having a dream about Pivonica Poi in 2005 and has been writing stories about his Bacealian world ever since. He lives with his wife and son in D’Iberville, MS.