Europe's Atlantic Coast

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One motif, two photographers, two styles: Michael Pasdzior and Peter Haefcke traveled Europe's Atlantic coast in the past eight years. The result is a photographic art book that lives from its contrasts. While Haefcke takes his pictures in black and white, Pasdzior photographs in color. The Atlantic coast presents itself just as contradictory: Sometimes original, wild and rough, sometimes altered by human hands and embossed. The moody photographs and the elaborate design as a turning book make Europe's Atlantic Coast equally attractive for photography fans and coast-lovers.


Peter Haefcke worked as a school teacher for photographers. His pictures were shown in several exhibitions. He has published various highly acclaimed books. The focus of his photographic projects are coasts, landscapes, cities and people. Michael Pasdzior worked as a freelance photographer since 1980 and is known by many (book) publications and numerous exhibitions. He works for the international photo agency Getty Images and is a member of the professional association freelens. The focus of Padzior, who lives in Hamburg, is on landscaping and architectural photography.