A Year of Dishcloths

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Stitch a dishcloth a day for the next year! 52 designs to crochet include textures, stripes, circles, and flowers. We’ve divided our offering into the four seasons and know you’ll find many, many designs that are perfect for your kitchen or gifts for all of your friends and family to enjoy! Designs are made using size 10 crochet cotton thread and worsted-weight cotton yarn. Skill Level: Easy to Intermediate.


Maggie Weldon began crocheting in 4th grade, learning the chain stitch from a nun after school. After chaining forever - she had a huge ball of just chains. Maggie was learning to sew at the same time and thought she would have to sew the chains together side-by-side with a needle and thread. Crochet stitch diagrams in popular magazines helped her to get back on track with crochet and she found she really loved it. Since 1981, Maggie has designed countless afghans and home decor projects for publishers and yarn companies. Her designs have been featured in numerous leaflets, magazines, books and even on TV! As founder of Maggie's Crochet, she publishes leaflets and kits based on her own designs. There are currently more than twenty books and over two hundred kits in the Maggie's Crochet product line. Moving from Michigan to North Carolina was a long-time goal for Maggie and she says living there is a dream come true. Her daughter is following in Maggie's footsteps and is a great crocheter and beginning designer. When she's not designing absolutely beautiful crochet items, Maggie enjoys hiking and taking pottery classes. Following her trend of innovative ideas Maggie has incorporated crochet even into her pottery, using crochet doilies to make impressions on her hand built pieces. Calling it Lace Pottery, some of her work has been displayed in an art gallery.