Sabiduría emocional

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These pages constitute a call to restore the balance of mind and body, by rescuing one of our most valuable resources, one that we find more and more regulated and discredited every day. In the expert opinion of the therapist Walter Riso, rational intelligence is one of the greatest adaptive tools that humans can count on, and thank for their daily survival. Nonetheless, this does not guarantee equilibrium, internal harmony, or physical and psychological health. It is necessary to complement this part of one's self with the innate power and wisdom that inhabits our emotions. This book shows us how to integrate these components in a constructive manner and to take advantage of them for our benefit.


Walter Riso is a psychologist, specializing in cognitive therapy and bioethics. For over 28 years he has worked as a therapist, practicing alternately as a university chair while contributing with scientific publications and psychological disclosures. He is a professor of cognitive therapy in different psychological schools in Latin America and Spain, and is the honorary president of the Columbian Association of Cognitive Therapy. His previous works include El camino de los sabios, La afectividad masculina, and Amores altamente peligrosos.