You are oh so horribly handsome!

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Gregor is strong, loud, and frighteningly fast, but when he worries that he might not be handsome with his rotten, crooked teeth and his stinky, cheesy feet, he decides to ask his family and friends. With the kind of gross-out humor they’ll love, this story will delight children with its descriptive language and tale of an adorable little monster who discovers he is much-loved and horribly handsome after all—for a monster.


Eva Dax grew up in Münsterland, Germany. She studied literature in Essen and is now a radio editor. She lives with her husband and sons in Cologne. Sabine Dully was born in the Palatinate region of Germany, and studied communications design at the FH Trier. Since 2007, she has been art director of a design agency and has been involved in many projects for German children’s television. She lives with her husband in Cologne.