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"In 1964, Erró created his scapes, his ‘fundamental pictures’, as he called them. He invented a world of flow, of all-over images, a saturation that fills every square inch of the canvas. With scissors and glue, a few carefully selected paintbrushes, and huge format canvases (200 × 300 cm), Erró was 30 years ahead of today’s world of networks, emails, chats and tweets. He created the blog-collage before its time, invented a formal structure, taxonomies and a way of seeing. It wasn’t until the internet revolution that we eventually ‘saw’ how new Erró’s work was: a paradoxical visual synthesis of acceleration and ‘presentism’, the two gear-speeds of our perception of time. And this visual language contains as much tragedy as it does humour and irony, and yet still manages to keep in tune with the world." - Extract by Thierry Raspail

Erró is one of the important figures in the European avant-garde of the 1960s. His name is associated with the renewal of pictorial figuration, Happenings and experimental cinema, Surrealism, Narrative Figuration or Pop Art, although his work cannot be defined by any one of these movements or styles. This retrospective brings together more than 500 works from private and public collections all over Europe, providing a unique opportunity to gain perspective on the artist’s decades-long career.


Danielle Kvaran is a curator at the Rejkjavik Art Museum. Thierry Raspail is the director of the Musée d'Art contemporain in Lyon, France.