Off Season

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What happens to lakes when the swimming season is over and the beaches are locked up? What remnant of the summer lingers on? Who returns to these abandoned areas, maybe to spend the winter there? Writer Christoph Janacs and photographer Peter Schlager took a journey to the deserted beaches in the province of Salzburg, the Salzkammergut Region and on the lake “Chiemsee”. They captured their melancholy poetic charm, sometimes even recorded unintentionally humorous images. Off Season lets you watch the fog creeping over these forsaken places and cold lakes, shows you things left behind, buried in deep snow, deprived of forms and colors. Locked up bathing cabins, deserted playgrounds and abandoned objects, the lake is tranquil, noble, and eternally beautiful. The following lakes are included: Abtsee, Attersee, Chiemsee, Fuschlsee, Grabensee, Holzöstersee, Ibmer See, Imsee, Irrsee, Mattsee, Mondsee, Obertrumersee, Traunsee, Wallersee, Wolfgangsee


Christoph Janacs (born 1955 in Linz) lives in Salzburg. He is the author of numerous novels, short stories, poetry collections, aphorisms and short prose. Peter Schlager (born 1959 in Salzburg) is a freelance photographer for national and international agencies and publishers. He has done various photostories for newspapers and magazines. He lectures on photography and video at the HTL in Salzburg.