Stones of Emotion

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Zack, Trix, and Kira are three best friends. They eat at an old diner and just hang out and do whatever, nothing special. But that all changed one night when Zack started having weird visions about a man named Stephen Knight, warning him about six stones and how someone was going to use them for evil. So now, Zack, Trix, and Kira must find out if this man's warnings are real, or if Zack is just going crazy.


Zachary Zuniga is a high school student who enjoys telling stories through characters he draws himself. The stories center around his main character, Zack, and the adventures he and his friends encounter. His comic originally started as a competition between friends to see who could create a better comic. After his friend discontinued writing, Zachary continued developing his story and comic book to completion. When he's not drawing, he enjoys gaming, video editing, electronic music, and movies.