Memories of Childhood

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When they were first published more than a decade ago, both War Boy and After the War Was Over were met with huge acclaim, with War Boy winning Britain's prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal. Now for the first time, these two remarkable books are brought together in a limited-edition volume. In War Boy, Michael Foreman looks back on his own wartime childhood in an English coastal village and at life on the front line of battle. Written and illustrated with the same simplicity and gentle humor, After the War Was Over shows us that same village from 1945 onwards, when victory bonfires burned, and where bombsites were turned into playgrounds for the children of peacetime. Such a memorable picture of life in the 1940s and 1950s will have a poignancy for earlier generations while captivating and informing the imaginations of children today.


Michael Foreman is one of the outstanding creators of children's picture books today. He has won an array of prizes, including the Kate Greenaway Award, the Smarties Book Prize, the Kurt Maschler Award, and the Children's Book Award.