After the War Was Over

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This childhood memoir records the years after World War II in Britain, starting in the summer of 1945 in Suffolk. It describes the excitement for children at this time, as bombsites became adventure playgrounds. The book recalls the characters of the period, and remembers the stealing and "scrumping" of apples from blitzed and abandoned houses, the tin baths, ration books, and demob suits. The author describes an early trip to London, a set of tin soldiers received as a birthday present, visits to the cinema to see Roy Rogers, and visits to the football grounds. The water-colors that accompany this special new edition of the classic story document the detail of post-war Britain, recreating for children a world that has since vanished.


Michael Foreman is one of the outstanding creators of children's picture books today. He has won an array of prizes, including the Kate Greenaway Award, the Smarties Book Prize, the Kurt Maschler Award, and the Children's Book Award.