Animal Abcs

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A simple page by page look at unique and cute cartoon animals who each have their own letter of the alphabet to show you. Whether it's an ant showing off his find of an acorn, or a silly turtle sporting a tie, you can't help but to smile at these animals giving a helping hand with learning. Animal ABCs is a wonderful, fun and visually educational picture book for young readers 0-7. The book is charming, with engaging illustrations. It is also well designed, with each letter in a corresponding color to help your young reader pick out the letters from the rest of the black text. It is an easy read and a treasured teaching guide.


Alisha Weston (Franks) was born and raised in Oklahoma and has had a yearning to create art since she was a very young girl. She likes to diverse herself in many different talents to keep her mind sharp and share her heart. She now is exposing her talents to the world through illustrating her feel good and amazing artistic talent. She married the man of her dreams, Rick Weston, in 2015, a fellow artist and comforter that has inspired and enlightened every corner of her soul. As a member of SCBWI, she intends to focus her future on illustrating and writing childrens books for the world to enjoy.