1347: Faith in the Face of Death

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Set in the beautiful landscape of 14th-century Italy, this modern Pilgrim's Progress is a heart-rending story of love, morality, families, and faith

Italy: 1347. Panic is spreading across Europe as The Black Plague devours all in its path. As his idyllic life shatters around him, Frederico realizes he needs to leave behind all that he has built, and lead his family to safety. Following a grueling and perilous journey with no end in sight, Frederico must make the toughest decision of his life, one that even years later, some in the family still refuse to accept. A heart-rending tale of fatherly love and the lengths one will go, to escape a plague of two sorts: one of death, the other of guilt.


Ken A. Gauthier owns and operates a golf shop in Concord, New Hampshire.