Limestone Man

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Richard Parry is a painter who cannot paint, a writer who doesn’t write. His obsession is Lulu, that ‘orphan off the street’, his aboriginal ‘green child’. But on returning from Australia to his hometown he finds it has become notorious for the suicides of young people. As Parry tries to connect past and present he is haunted by dreams of Australia and of his youth. Yet is Parry all he seems? Isn’t he frankly, ‘a bit creepy’? How trustworthy is memory? And what has happened to the vivacious Lulu? A meditation on age and opportunity by prizewinning poet, essayist and novelist Robert Minhinnick.


Robert Minhinnick’s prizewinning poems, essays, short stories and novel have been published by Seren and with Carcanet. He has a dedicated following among poetry and literary fiction readers since  he was editor of Poetry Wales for many years. His 2007 novel Sea Holly, to which Limestone Man is a sequel, was shortlisted for the Ondaatje Prize.