The Body, Subject & Subjected

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Hominids have always been obsessed with representing their own bodies. The first “selfies” were prehistoric negative hand images and human stick figures, followed by stone and ceramic representations of the human figure. Thousands of years later, moving via historic art and literature to contemporary social media, the contemporary term “selfie” was self-generated. The Body, Subject & Subjected illuminates some “selfies.” This collection of critical essays about the fixation on the human self addresses a multi-faceted geographic set of cultures, analyzing such representations from medical, literal and metaphorical perspectives over centuries. The essays reveal critics’ insights when “selfies” are examined through a focused “lens” over a breadth of cultures. The result, complex and unique, is that what is viewed – the visual art and literature under discussion – becomes a mirror image, indistinguishable from the component viewing apparatus, the “lens”.


The Editor, Dr. Debra D. Andrist, Professor of Spanish at Sam Houston State University (SHSU), was multi-term founding chair of Foreign Languages there, former multi-term Chair of Modern & Classical Languages/Cullen Professor of Spanish at the University of St. Thomas/Houston (UST) and rose to Associate Professor of Spanish, Baylor University. Her scholarly work focuses on art and literature by and about women and medical topics.