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The Morrin Centre in Quebec City, built on the site of military barracks known as the Royal Redoubt, served first as a “common gaol” (public prison), then as the Morrin College, the first English-language institute of higher education in the city, and has been home to the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec for many years. The Society has hosted in its astonishing library such illustrious figures as Charles Dickens and Emmelyne Pankhurst. With incredible anecdotes, the authors guide us through the building’s two-century history and its place in the history of Quebec City, Quebec, and Canada.


Louisa Blair is a journalist, broadcaster, writer, editor, and translator living in Québec City. Her work has been published in magizines including Canada’s History (formerly The Beaver) and the Canadian Forum. Patrick Donovan is a PhD candidate in history. Donald Fyson is full professor of history at Université Laval and author of many articles and books on Quebec history.