Dobbin and the Silver Shoes

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Reissued classics, written in lovely simple 1930s prose

Elizabeth Clark’s Story Books are faithfully brought back into print as beautiful hardcover editions which are perfect for reading aloud, or as early experiences in reading alone. Beautifully written tales, they were extremely successful books in their day, reprinting over a long period.  Drawn from folk lore, faraway lands, history and legend, these stories remain as charming and fresh as when first penned. 


Annette Elizabeth Clark was born in 1875. She realized at a young age that she had a gift for storytelling, and with pioneering courage left home, determined to make story telling her life’s work. She built a reputation, narrating her stories at gatherings of children, and became an admired lecturer on her craft at the Teacher Training Colleges.  Beguiled by her performances, the press of the day gave her glowing reviews, including in the U.S., where she traveled and told stories as a guest of the National Girl Scouts of America Executive. In writing her stories, she chose only those stories that she had told to hundreds of children, whose responses had helped to shape and render the stories perfect for children everywhere.