From Gaza to Jerusalem

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The first comprehensive history of one of the most successful British campaigns of the First World War

The 1917 Palestine campaign saw Britain’s Army rise from defeat to achieve stunning victory. After two failed attacks on Gaza using tactics employed on the Western Front, a new commander was appointed. General Allenby reinvigorated the Army and led it to success in the Third Battle of Gaza. This offensive would see an innovative use of cavalry and all-arms co-operation push the Ottoman defenders all the way back to Jerusalem. This campaign is seldom examined outside of dry assessments of strategy and movements, or studies of T.E. Lawrence’s peripheral role. This work will bring the campaign to life in a broader and deeper sense, analyzing the ‘"war fighting" and logistical aspects while also telling the stories of the men who lived and fought in the harsh desert conditions. 


Stuart Hadaway is a professional military historian who has worked with regimental museums around the UK, including as curator of the RAF Museum. He is currently senior researcher to the official historians of the RAF, as well as being a prolific writer with articles published in magazines including Britain at War,Military Illustrated, and Your Family Tree.