The Flying Kangaroo

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From its earliest days, Qantas has captured the Australian public's imagination and attracted its fair share of unique characters. These are their stories, told by a man who has Qantas running through his veins. They are full of nostalgia for a company in its prime. They are hilarious, they are heroic, they're odd. They are about the brilliant risk takers who made Qantas the safest airline in the world. They are about the craziness of flying VIPs, and the strange pecadillos of chairmen and CEOs. There are stories about dangerous skies, the hazard of overseas postings, and the spats between flight and cabin crews. This is a warm-hearted look at the Qantas Australia love, and a reminder that despite its recent history, Qantas remains very much a part of the Australian national psyche.


Jim Eames is the author of The Country Undertaker, Six Feet Under Or Up in Smoke, and Taking to the Skies. He is one of Australia's first aviation writers, former press secretary to the Minister for Aviation, and former Director of Public Affairs for Qantas.