Cool Astronomy

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Discover how telescopes are made, learn about invisible light, and study the scale of the universe—in a way you'll never forget

Inside this mega-jam-packed book are 50 fact-tastic ways to advance and improve your astronomy skills so you’ll never feel alone in the universe again! Learn amazing space-related tricks such as how to watch a solar eclipse safely and mapping stars from your own back garden, right down to expertly simplifying the supermassive numbers and distances involved in the space between space so you’ll never forget them. You’ll discover everything you need to know about the universe, from Asteroids to Zubenelgenubi, and almost everything in between.


Malcolm Croft is a writer of popular reference books.


"I've yet to read another book for kids about the universe that is so compact and yet so informative. There's a little bit about a lot of subjects under the astronomy umbrella. Despite the fact that rocket science can be an intimidating subject, the reading here is light, informative and fascinating. The author never talks down to the reader, and he uses language that keeps kids wanting to turn the page to learn more." —Smart Books for Smart Kids