Bryher Bleeds The Sun
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In a night of fraught trials in her sick granddad’s smithy stone age maiden Bryher works out the sun priests’ taboo secret of how to ‘sweat sun’s blood’ from sacred ore-rich rocks and cast it into wares of mystical radiance and deadly edge. Fleeing the outraged priest’s assassins, braving sabre tooth tigers, bears and bandits, surviving glaciers, volcanoes and rock falls, Bryher nurses her granddad across landscapes of prehistoric Britain.
Making it to ‘the land of the rising Sun’, today Cornwall, Bryher founds the family that trades into history her curvy pots and vases, her rugged ploughs and anvils, her glittering tiaras, armbands and brooches, her enemy-blinding mirror-shields, razor edged scimitars, battle axes, javelins and arrow tips, launching civilisation’s Bronze and later techno-Ages, today’s electronic marvels Bryher's dna’s newest resurgence.


The author is an expert metallurgist and historian