My Rainbow Year
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"My Rainbow Year traverses a one-year arc that follows the explorations of B.D. Raisun, who travels to new locales while discovering the hidden wonders of her own identity. As she sets out, she deliberately asks herself, ?Will I live up to the challenge? How courageous am I in the face of change??
As she makes her way to places like South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Dubai, she meets new people, experiences a sense of the many ways people find to live fully, and uncovers insights revealing the truth of her own personal makeup.
While the details of My Rainbow Year speak to the experiences of the author, the truths they uncover speak to the common realities of modern life. As B.D. Raisun notes at the outset, ?This book touches on our lives as we live them, from personal analysis and reflection to dedication, family responsibility, challenges of a single life, and light-hearted relaxation and enjoyment as we experience life from day to day.?
Whether you enjoy traveling or staying at home and easing into the comfortable embrace of your favorite chair, My Rainbow Year will supply you with the insights for appreciating the truth?always in the details?that comes to light in examining one's life."

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