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More About This Title Sinful


"Jeev is a lonely intellect who nurtures a love affair with food?until he meets the beautiful Mansha one night while attending a festival celebration. He is immediately captivated by the woman blessed with honeyed lips, flowing black hair, and sacred eyes.

When Jeev and Mansha fall in love, there is nothing unusual or special about their relationship. Perfect and pure in each other?s eyes, they simply need to be together. But as they prepare to begin their life in New Delhi together, their road to happiness becomes marred. When Jeev?s blind devotion raises Mansha from the ranks of an ordinary mortal and places her onto a pedestal reserved for the Gods, even he has no idea of the power she now has over him.

In this modern tale of love, which breaks the barriers of worldly expectations and soars into the skies of selfless spirituality, a young man who worships a beautiful woman learns that his destiny is not his to decide."

Exhibited At: International book fairs