Farrel's Last Case
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Farrel is a good small-town cop, but one who has to struggle with personal problems. Divorced four years earlier, he is something of a misogynist and intolerant of others? shortcomings. Things change, however, when he meets a girlfriend of yesteryear, the widow of a gang member murdered by other criminals, and very shortly thereafter, a much younger woman. During police enquiries into the disappearance of another local criminal, he becomes aware that there is something more sinister occurring ?on his patch.? The dead body of the missing man is found floating in the sea, pumped full of heroin. Later we find the deceased has left a diary, which confirms Farrel is up against a global crime and terror syndicate. Fears that the organization ?owns? colleagues in his own force appear true as the syndicate always seems to know of his plans. When the younger of the two women disappears, Farrel is convinced the organization has her, and he knows by now the syndicate removes anyone who may jeopardize its success?this includes innocent people in the local community. The violent showdown occurs at a nearby country house and farm. Why is this Farrel?s last case?

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