Shotguns: A Comprehensive Guide
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More About This Title Shotguns: A Comprehensive Guide


Shotguns: A Comprehensive Guide is Steve Markwith’s second firearms book in the Survival Guns series. This book covers the details of buying, owning, and shooting a shotgun. Steve takes the reader from understanding the many differences between various models, old and new, to detailing chokes, barrels, and shot patterns. He covers essential topics such as cleaning, safety, and training. The information contained within is detailed, covering far more than just the firearm itself, leaving the reader confident in his/her plan to learn about the gun in a reasoned, logical way. Steve’s decades of experience and no-nonsense writing style makes this book a joy to read. Complemented with many photographs, this is a must-have on the bookshelf of any firearms enthusiast.


Steve Markwith served as the chief firearms officer for a large state agency, and has been a full-time firearms instructor for more than 25 years. He holds certifications on various weapons and force technologies through recognized sources such as the S&W Academy, FBI, NRA, military and state criminal justice academies, etc. His military and civilian experiences have provided ample opportunities to evaluate everything from firearms and equipment through tactics and training.

Although recently retired, Steve continues to serve as a firearms consultant. He enjoys numerous industry contacts, and is also is a published author. A series of previous sporting articles led to a connection with Prepper Press. He has since authored "Survival Guns; A Beginner's Guide"; "Shotguns: A Comprehensive Guide"; "Rimfire Rifles: A Buyer's And Shooter's Guide"; and "Air Rifles: A Buyer's And Shooter's Guide". These books are part of a continuing series related to survival-based firearms, equipment, and training.