The NICE Reboot: A Guide to Becoming a Better Female Entrepreneur
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More About This Title The NICE Reboot: A Guide to Becoming a Better Female Entrepreneur


Lack of confidence and fear of failure often hold women back from being entrepreneurs according to research by the Global Entrepreneurship Research Association. In The NICE Reboot, entrepreneur, consultant, and speaker Penina Rybak provides a self-help manual for today’s female entrepreneurs who are looking for practical help, who need to stay current, and who want to be more tech-savvy. Entrepreneurs who are also trying to juggle work, family, personal growth, and satisfaction with their lives.

This inspirational as well as practical book is geared for millennial generation entrepreneurs who need to learn about the economic trends affecting today’s start-up culture and for seasoned entrepreneurs who need to learn about current technological trends and how these trends affect marketing, productivity, and their success. Based on her extensive personal experience, Rybak reveals:
• How and why women can and should join both the entrepreneurial and technology revolutions
• The intellectual, psycho-social, and moral imperatives female entrepreneurs need to fulfill to orchestrate change and make a difference for future generations
• How and why the iPad® is a game changer in the arsenal of female entrepreneurs, and how it can be used to help them forge a path to create innovative services/products

The book is filled with practical strategies to increase the reader’s business IQ and technology IQ, hyperlinks to dozens of helpful articles, examples and inspiring quotes from entrepreneurial thought leaders, and philosophical questions for entrepreneurs to consider. It’s a blueprint of best practices for female entrepreneurs to create disruptive innovation and orchestrate change.


Penina Rybak is the CEO of Socially Speaking LLC, a boutique educational technology consulting firm. In addition to being a startup entrepreneur, Penina is a licensed and practicing pediatric speech-language pathologist specializing in the treatment of autism and an Apple technology expert and iPad evangelist. She lectures nationally and internationally about customizing social communication strategies, integrating iOS apps into best practices in the workplace and in special education settings, and, most recently, on the topic of female entrepreneurship.

Penina has earned an MA from New York University, a Certificate of Clinical Competence for Speech-Language Pathologists from ASHA and is a licensed and certified Teacher of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped. She is also the director of The NICE Initiative for Female Entrepreneurship, whose mission is to promote women founders and startup endeavors, and bridge the gap between readiness to learn and actual performance. Over the past three years, Penina has deployed her Socially Speaking™ Social Skills Curriculum, Seminars, and iPad App, as well as her NICE Initiative Seminars.


Penina’s Pointers
List of Figures

Chapter 1: Nice — Getting Started
- Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and Implications
- What’s On Your Tombstone? Leaving a Legacy Behind
- Mission Statement Guidelines and Online Resources
- Business Plan Guidelines
- Why Incorporate, and How To Do It Online
- Tax Breaks for Entrepreneurs

Chapter 2: Informed — Getting Clients
- The Power of a Theme Song: Inspiring Yourself and Others
- The Power of Humor When Creating Your First Impression
- Your Hook: Start with a Bang Using Video Clips
- iOS Apps For Presentations: User-Friendly Slideshows
- FAQ: What’s an Infographic?
- iOS Apps For Entrepreneurial Presentations: Penina’s Picks

Chapter 3: Competent — Upgrading Your Tech IQ with an iPad!
- The Importance of iOS Apps
- Pad Basics: Where to Start
- Setting Up and Organizing Apps into Folders
- Recommended PDF and Documentation Apps for Your Workflow
- Organizational/Documentation iOS Apps Rubric for Entrepreneurs
- How to Streamline Email on Your iPad
- Internet and iPad Use — Surf Smart
- A Picture Paints a Thousand Words: How Entrepreneurs Should Use Photos
- Websites to Help You Increase Your Tech IQ with an iPad
- Reading List to Help You Increase Your Tech IQ with an iPad

Chapter 4: Entrepreneurship — Nuts & Bolts
- FYI: Entrepreneurship Is Not Just a Male Domain!
- Successful Entrepreneurship 101: In a Nutshell
- The Power of a Mentor: Where to Find One, How to Keep One, and When to Discard One
- The Pitfalls of Perfectionism
- Online Resources for Entrepreneurs
- Reading List for Entrepreneurs

Chapter 5: Final Words on the NICE Philosophy
- How to Think Like an Entrepreneur vs. a Business Owner

Appendix A: Online Resources for Entrepreneurs
Appendix B: Reading List for Entrepreneurs
About the Author


Whether you’re driven by necessity or opportunity, The NICE Reboot offers the perfect combination of information and inspiration to put you on the path to entrepreneurial success. Penina Rybak takes the mystery out of business startup. Follow her simple formula: Creativity + Passion + Timing = Entrepreneurial Success and you’ll unlock the secrets of achieving your dreams of business ownership.
— RIEVA LESONSKY, Founder/CEO of GrowBiz Media

Penina Rybak is a passionate, thoughtful advocate for women’s entrepreneurship. She has a deep understanding of the tools, resources and models which will help women to launch viable businesses, which is critical to the future success of our economy.
— PAMELA SLIM, business coach and bestselling author of Body of Work and Escape from Cubicle Nation

Penina Rybak has given me a gift. I so enjoyed her writing – it flows. I found the tips and strategies extremely helpful; and having all the links to such great resources saves a lot of time and effort. This is a must read for anyone needing to take stock of one’s life personally and professionally. Penina is sharing what she herself has found to be a model to reboot your life and find your own entrepreneurial spirit.
— ROBYN STRATTON-BERKESSEL, positivity strategist, TEDx speaker, and author of Appreciative Inquiry for Collaborative Solutions

I enjoyed reading the book and got great ideas from it! Penina’s writing is beautiful and inspirational! She not only tells us how to be successful but how to make the world a better place while feeling complete as a person. Her insightful knowledge of social media and new technology is both refreshing and energizing. I love the way she encourages us to think outside the box and grow. She also uses history and current culture to teach us how to best serve our community and relate in a “NICE” humanitarian way. This is an entertaining read peppered with movie reviews and words of wisdom.
— ERIN WILSON, Founder, QRCode ID

The NICE Reboot does a great job of motivating and mentoring a large and growing group of entrepreneurs — women! I do believe that women have the edge, with their high emotional IQ, to create the “new business culture” that every worker wants — better role definitions, more effective and productive leadership, and better work-life balance. I like Penina’s idea of convincing them to reboot, if necessary, to achieve that potential.
— MARTY ZWILLING, Founder & CEO of Startup Professionals, Inc.

The NICE Reboot provides LOTS of information for the wannabe entrepreneur.
— GERI STENGEL, President of Ventureneer and Stengel Solutions

The NICE Reboot is a non-technical, refreshing, and smart guidebook that talks “human,” and therein lies its beauty. It’s a very well written book, rich with resources and practical, clear instructions and advice. I liked the way the book tackles today’s most pressing issues in the startup arena. I also really like the “Penina’s Pointers” section in each chapter. I have been teaching entrepreneurship for years and I still learned new things and was pleasantly surprised! I was also impressed by the seamlessness with which Penina both teaches us and inspires us, especially through her stories and some great quotes at the start of each chapter. I highly recommend reading this and rebooting, so that you too can learn more and become more too!
— ROGER KUPERWAYS, Ph.D., Professor of Entrepreneurship at New York University

Every once in a while, a book come along that offers a valuable new perspective on a long-standing issue or problem. For entrepreneurs, or would-be entrepreneurs, this is the book! Following Penina Rybak’s inspiration and techniques, you will be better able to scratch that entrepreneurial itch, develop new products and services, and thereby enhance the well-being of society, all while developing valuable employment opportunities for others. What a personal legacy! I highly recommend that you add this volume to your personal library, whether in e-book or paperback format. It is a tool that you will go back to again and again for inspiration, guidance and reference.
— DAN O’SHEA, Tech Startup Prophet

The best part of Penina Rybak’s book, The NICE Reboot: A Guide to Becoming a Better Female Entrepreneur, aren’t the hundreds of helpful hints, strategies, and resources. It’s Rybak’s passion that compels me to read further. There are plenty of women writers, supporting women in business. However, Rybak has a unique, and rare passion for helping women succeed. Instead of suggesting women play by traditional entrepreneurial rules, Rybak sets out a clear path that allows women to create their own success by leveraging what they do best. She doesn’t try to change women, but supports their existing gifts. A must-read for any woman entrepreneur who doesn’t want to change who she is, or what she stands for, in order to become successful.
— LIESHA PETROVICH, Micro Business Essentials

The NICE Reboot is a must read for anyone who is or who wants to become an entrepreneur. The book is very well written and organized. And, although the book is written for the female entrepreneur, I believe the author’s advice is relevant to men as well. The book includes many helpful links and discusses the inner mindset of being a business owner which often what makes or breaks many entrepreneurs – male and female. The book also serves as a very good resource for getting more clients, upgrading your technological IQ, effective storytelling, and operating a business. I was very impressed with the amount of resources and “quotes to ponder” which sparked my creative side.
— ALAN STAROST, Principal, Dialstar Marketing Solutions

Starting out in entrepreneur-hood can be daunting and overwhelming and this book is a great tool to have by your side! Penina breaks things down concisely and wonderfully! You don’t want to miss this jewel if you are a female entrepreneur!
— PAULA G. ROSARIO, Owner of SPARK Leadership