Singer Castle Revisited
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Singer Castle Revisited is a fresh look at this castle's rich 100-year history with many new stories and photographs of its original owner, Frederick G. Bourne; his daughter Marjorie, who owned the castle for the next 40 years; and Dr. Harold and Eloise Martin. The Bournes were well known for their marvelous collection of yachts and Gold Cup-winning speedboats. Since the release of Singer Castle, the new owners of this historical Thousand Islands landmark have invested nearly $10 million into restoring it to its original condition. In addition, gracious relatives of the former owners' families have shared their private collections of previously unpublished pictures dating from as far back as the castle's construction.


Robert and Patty Mondore are the authors of Singer Castle, published in 2005. They are also coproducers of the documentary DVD Dark Island's Castle of Mysteries. The Mondores attended the chapel services at Jorstadt Castle (its former name), where Patty sang and played piano. Their books and movies are now sold throughout the Thousand Islands area, and Robert is the author of the popular Singer Castle blog.