Railroads of Monmouth County
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The railroads of Monmouth County provided a means of transporting goods and people to and from points from within and beyond New Jersey and New York City. Once part of a vast network of steel tracks cutting through the rich farmlands of the Garden State, the railroads were a part of everyday life. Many residents worked for the railroad companies or indirectly provided supplies, equipment, and services needed by the railroads to serve customers. Commuters rode into New York City, Newark, and Jersey City to their employment. Many others traveled by rail to enjoy the cool breezes of the Jersey Shore and other attractions such as horse racing. These attractions led many to settle here. However, railroad excursion packages could only slow the loss of business that was a result of automobile ownership. In this changing society, only the most utilized tracks were left in service.


Tom Gallo, a lifelong resident of Keyport, grew up next to a branch line, catching rides and learning about railroad operations at age 12. William B. Longo, a lifelong Hazlet resident, lived within walking distance of a station. As a bicyclist, he rode around photographing railroad operations. In their travels meeting railroad employees, the authors collected many images of the vast rail network.