The Lobby
Winner of 17 Awards for Humor
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The Lobby offers a funny, quirky alternative novel featuring over fifty interlinked stories and a gigantic ensemble cast of characters, all linked by happenchance presence at the Shipley Hotel during the same twenty-four hour period. The larger book is structured in a series of micro-fictions and succeeds best as it offers, through comedy, portraits of the times we all currently live in. By making the reader laugh, the author Randi M. Sherman is able to make them hold a mirror up to themselves, our popular culture, our lifestyles, and our current obsessions, be those serious or mundane.

The Lobby's particular brand of satire via "reverse expectations" for comedic effect, those "mirror‐ reversed" moments that make us see contemporary culture in a novel way.

One of the most appealing elements in having the entire book contained in this single space and transpire within a single day. It is a simple yet unique device, one that is fun to watch at work, and one which creates a certain degree of pleasant anticipation as readers want to see characters and storylines return as the book proceeds and for which readers await unpredictable intersections of the lives they encounter.


Award winning author Randi M Sherman is known for having an eye for detail, an ear for well-tuned dialogue and an incredible grasp of the obvious, all honed while performing stand-up comedy in Los Angeles and improvisational theater in San Francisco, Sherman adds just enough bawdiness to deliver a character-driven contemporary novel that will have the reader laughing and connecting with major and minor characters.

THE LOBBY (2016) is Ms. Sherman’s fourth novel.
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2016 National Indie Excellence Award Winner
2016 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner
2016 Book Excellence Award - Comedy
2016 Readers Favorite Int’l Book Awards Bronze
2016 Amsterdam Book Festival Winner
2016 Beach Book Festival Winner
2016 Hollywood Book Festival Runner-up
2016 Northern California Book Festival RU
2016 Paris Book Festival RU
2016 Los Angeles Book Festival RU
2016 Holiday Book Festival RU
2016 San Francisco Book Festival HM
2016 New York Book Festival HM

All of these characters and stories equal one highly entertaining book. I enjoyed every moment of The Lobby and was quickly immersed in each of Randi M. Sherman’s characters. I was worried that there would be too many story lines to keep up with, but Sherman paints such vivid pictures and created such intriguing characters that I felt like I was there in the lobby experiencing it all. This book made me laugh, cry and cringe at the various behaviors, chance encounters, and hilarious situations. It was fun to read and now I want to quit my job and go work at the Shipley Hotel! I highly recommend this book!" --READERS FAVORITE, reviewed by Jackie Timmons 5 STARS

"...I really liked the way that Sherman wrote The Lobby. It was as if the reader was a video camera in the lobby and was able to see what every guest did. ... The Lobby was unlike anything that I have read before. I hope to read more of Sherman’s work in the future." --READERS FAVORITE, Reviewed by Jessyca Garcia 5 STARS

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