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Do you ever find yourself questioning what you believe around issues that impact your life and business? Do you ever feel lost in your decisions? Are you ever frustrated in your lack of ability to take your life or business exactly where you know you want to go?

Non-Negotiable is all about understanding what you believe, what you can control, what your mission is and ultimately taking your convictions to the level of Non-Negotiable.

Based on the real life story of J. Pat Hickman, a man with a purpose, and the bank he leads, Happy State Bank, you will see firsthand what success looks like.

Sam Silverstein, champion of accountability, presents the inspiring story of how J. Pat Hickman transformed a sleepy small town bank from one location and $10 million in assets into 34 locations and over $2.5 billion in assets by knowing what he believes and not negotiating on what he holds dear. In the process, he assembled a team of leaders that understand what great culture looks like and a bank full of motivated people who love what they do.

Read this book to:
•Discover and define your own Non-Negotiables
•Energize your ability to avoid distractions and make important decisions
•Establish a culture that promotes personal and organizational accountability
•Understand the power of true accountability
•Unleash the power of knowing what it is you truly believe


SAM SILVERSTEIN is founder and CEO of Sam Silverstein Inc., an accountability think tank dedicated to helping companies create an organizational culture that prioritizes and inspires accountability.

Based on helping organizations develop what they believe in, clarify their mission, and understand what is in their control, Sam works to make this a more accountable world. Mr. Silverstein is the author of several books including Non-Negotiable, No More Excuses, and Making Accountable Decisions. He speaks internationally, having worked with teams at companies, government agencies, communities, and organizations both big and small.

Sam is a Past President of the National Speakers Association.

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"Are certain 'absolutes' really that important? Only if you want a hugely successful business based on integrity and trust. Whether you own and/or lead a small business, large conglomerate or anything in between, this terrific book will equip you with 20 core, non-negotiable principles that will help you build a committed, happy and empowered team of people. Your customers will love you, and a very consistently high bottom line will be the result. If I may suggest, buy a copy of this book for all the leaders and future leaders in your life." --Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver

"Sam Silverstein has, once again, given us all a gift of his insight and wisdom wrapped in the reality of a true-life success story. Non-Negotiable will change your thoughts, ideas, and actions which will change your life." --Jim Stovall, Bestselling author, The Ultimate Gift

"As a person who has built four multimillion dollar businesses from the ground up, I can tell you without any hesitation the understanding and application of the principles in Non-Negotiable is what it takes to be successful. In fact I can't imagine anyone or any organization being successful without them. What I love about the book is the writer, Sam Silverstein. Sam is not sharing theory; he is sharing his heart, his passion, and his knowledge of what works from good old-fashioned sweat equity. You will love this book!" --Paul Martinelli, president of the John Maxwell Team

"This powerful message about the direct linkage between values and success should be practiced in every business." --Brian Tracy, author of The Power of Self-Confidence

"As someone who's written about successful companies--both large and small--I have learned one thing: The principles of success are simple, but the execution of those principles is hard. The primary job of leadership is to clearly present and continually reinforce what their company stands for. In this book, Sam Silverstein shows how J. Pat Hickman and the team at Happy State Bank have done just that. Their principles are non-negotiable, meaning that they are firm, fixed, unwavering. And that is how you create a meaningful organization that will endure." --Robert Spector, cofounder of Robert Spector Consulting, and author of The Nordstrom Way

"Nearly every Hall of Fame athlete, nearly every revered musician or artist, nearly every prolific writer, and nearly every prosperous banker (and you could keep naming professions) will state unequivocally that he or she learned great lessons from someone in the same career field, and that most of those lessons crossed over into many other areas of their lives. Non-Negotiable is the story of Pat Hickman. It's a book that tells the story of a unique and highly successful businessman, but provides life lessons for everyone. Author Sam Silverstein has fully captured the spirit of Pat Hickman, and almost every page of Non-Negotiable proves why he has been so successful. Chapter 20, in particular, is a superlative list of how to live a great life. This book is not just about Pat Hickman's success, but how you, too, can learn and do what generates a high level of success in your life. I suggest that you make reading Non-Negotiable nonnegotiable." --Mary Morrissey, author of Building Your Field of Dreams