Kittens Under my Kitchen Sink
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" This is a short chronicle of a home invasion.
In the small town I live in in the United Arab Emirates, there are many feral cats surviving under some extremely tough conditions.
This is the story of a female cat (we shall call her Mommy) who moved into our home in the heat of summer and made herself comfortable on and behind the couch in the foyer. We found it somewhat endearing and left her too her own devices.
Our dog Pluto did not find this so endearing and many an argument was had between him and Mommy. The door to the porch remains open permanently to allow Pluto access to the garden whenever he wishes or needs to go outside.
Much to our amazement we came into the kitchen one morning to find that Mommy had climbed in through a small gap at the back of the kitchen cupboard and had three cute little kitten under the kitchen sink.
This book chronicles in photos their story. Regrettably, some of the photos are not the best quality as all the photos are taken on mobile phone camera.
I hope that you and your children find this story as interesting as we did"

Exhibited At: International book fairs