Zhu Pearl: Daughters of War
Dramatic novel....Daughters of War
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It is 1927 when Jade is born into a wealthy family in Guangzhou, China. As she is groomed to one day marry into a life of luxury and prestige, Jade patiently awaits what she thinks is her pre-determined destiny. On the other side of the country in a remote village in Sichuan, Teak is born into poverty, groomed to be a servant maid for a family kind enough to take her in and rescue her from a life as a beggar. As a fierce civil war forces them to separately flee their motherland to the untamed terrain called Peninsular Malaya, the two eventually forge a sisterly bond without any idea of what lies ahead for both of them. As they journey through their own separate and vastly different lives, tragedies bring them closer together through shared tears, grieving, and a determination to persevere, despite their hardships. Zhū 珠 Pearl shares the inspiring story of two resilient Chinese women who find a way to look past their differences and celebrate what unites them in the face of challenges: love, faith, and hope. "A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet" 玫瑰不管叫啥名,闻起来总是香的 Méi guī bù guǎn jiào shá míng, wén qǐ lai zǒng shì xiāng de


Jasemin Sibo Sībǎo 思宝 is author of the highly popular Epiphany satire. She enjoys tracing her rich oriental roots, receiving inspiration from those she meets in her travels, and encouraging all to look past differences and celebrate what unites us.


Jade 玉 yu
Teak 柚 you

In Honour

Small Child
小娃娃 xiǎo wá wa

Fleeing Motherland
我的祖国 wǒ de zǔ guó

People Mountain, People Sea
人山人海 Ren shan ren hai

Born to be a Good Wife and Loving Mother
賢妻良母 xián qī liáng mǔ

Enter the Red Door 洪 門 hongmen

The Child Bride without Bound Feet 裹脚 guǒ jiǎo

姐妹 jiě mèi

Face 脸 liăn
Lose face, Thick face, Face value

Farewell. My Chieftain
再见 老板 zài jiàn lǎo bǎn

The Awakening of Phoenix
鳳起來 fèng qǐ lai

Zhū 珠 Pearl