Pacific Redwood Mystery
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"Mystery-lovers are in for an exciting ride as author dl Brooks Aguilar treats them with an enthralling new book. Released through Xlibris, Pacific Redwood Mystery introduces readers to Katie Lee Rossman, a young girl whose dark past helped carve her sanguine present life.

Katie Lee?childhood is rather extraordinary. When her mother remarries, she and her sister have to live with her stepfather and stepsiblings. But unlike other stories, hers deals with an abusive mother and sister, while finding comfort in her stepfamily. A dose of verbal and physical abuse becomes part of her daily routine. Her mother is proven dangerous, being mentally unstable. When her stepfather finally opens his eyes to the dramas and pretentions his second wife is playing, Katie Lee?s custody is left to be determined. Although she is still allowed to see his stepfamily, the little girl's life is left blurry and undefined. Eventually, Katie Lee is ordered to be in the custody of her aunt and uncle, where she finds the love that she has always longed for in a family.

As Katie Lee grows up to live a comfortable and satisfying life, the shadow of a traumatic childhood occasionally haunts her. A model student in school who is loved by both her classmates and teachers, her high school graduation is Katie Lee?s most exciting day in her entire life. Just when she thought she has left every pain behind, she is faced with the bitter reality of her mother's return. Fervently believing that the friends she fancily calls as the ?little people??who alone know what really happened to her stepsister, Mary?can help her, Katie Lee once again listens closely to their voices, in the hope of finding which way to go. But do the ?little people? living in the deep redwoods really exist, or are they just a figment of the confused girl's imagination? Readers will decipher the secrets as enthralling events unfold in Pacific Redwood Mystery.

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