Techniques for Learning Happily
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Techniques for Learning Happily . There is a great story behind this book. You can find it in my book along with all the secrets of learning. Play the Mind Map game I created, and win your exams.

This book includes educational experiences and trials that will help students make amazing progress in learning. All of this comes as a result of many years spent in research and from observation of the basis for suitable learning and problem solving during advanced educational stages, from the secondary stage to the graduation stage. I can assure you that the application of 10 per cent of the skills in this book by the student or reader will lead to high levels of ongoing improvement in learning.
My educational programme is different from others. It is based on combining learning with play and fun, providing students with educational and entertainment tools at the same time. It includes a game prepared and invented by me to improve the learning process: the Mind Map game. This method is not found in any other educational programme in the world. It actually makes learning fun.
I have used the Mind Map game with many students in the Kuwait Science Club. It has met with great success, even with a group of lazy students who had no motive to learn and face many problems. When I tested them after playing, I found that they had a greater ability to absorb information, and they achieved amazing results in recalling that information, scoring more than 90 per cent. They also experienced joy, delight, and the wish to learn. All these factors distinguish my educational programme and make it unique.

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