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For the first offender, the cause of many cases is the confusing of the moral and the legal, the public and the private. This is not simplistic or making excuses. Therefore, if the differences could be taught instead of learned from a prosecution, it would spare the pain of prosecution and its antisocial consequences. This, the book attempts to do. Having separated the moral and the legal and adding force back gives faith, code, and force as the three modalities. Next is what to do with them. Each modus operandi can be singular used and developed separately to produce a skewed adult or generalized in relation to the other two to produce a balanced adult. Society?s singularizing of faith, code, and force has resulted in the trilemma presented by law, religion, and force (police and military), leaving the citizen a confused victim. The generalizing system is pursued through its rules 3, 32, 33, 34, 35 (and back). At 33 (3x9=27 rules), the master control schedule emerges, equilibrating the three modes. At 35, the modes become an amorphous henial of undifferentiated moral material. The system is built on a triple of opposites. The basic movement of which is from a forward to a reverse to a forward while going one way forward. The three modes form six hierarchies of mixes, which can be sequenced two ways. (1) GCF, GCF or GG CC FF. Together the two sequences combine to culminate a quadrupedia pattern?as do any consociate threes. This macromodology provides the referent for practical implications and bridges as Part 2 application of the theory to the sex chapters.

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