The Disappearance of Hannah
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Bunny and her family, including her son Derrick and granddaughter Ariel, are enjoying a well-earned vacation by the ocean. In the midst of a strangely powerful electrical storm, Ariel wakes up crying inconsolably for her grandmother. Bunny thinks the storm frightened the girl, only to find a Indian spirit with pleading eyes in the corner— a vision, Bunny realizes, that Ariel can see. The spirit’s message sets grandmother and granddaughter on a mission of mercy—to save Bunny’s childhood friend Hannah. Along the way, Bunny guides Ariel’s developing spiritual gift, realizing her capacity to help others The Disappearance of Hannah brings two families back to the Cherokee Nation, join Ariel in an unimaginable journey being assisted by visitors from another century with one common goal, rescue Hannah —from danger! Memorable and heartwarming,destined to be a top read this year!