Veni, Vidi, Vici
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?Veni, Vidi, Vici taps into the human desire to connect with the animal world nicely. Jackson knows her subject intimately, and that comes through loud and clear in Veni?s story.? BlueInk Review Four Stars (out of Five) ?Jackson uses a simple, straightforward writing style to convey Veni?s thoughts. There are no fancy words or detailed thought processes, but the absence of these elements only highlights the simple-minded nature most dogs have, without suggesting that Veni isn?t smart in a very canine way.? Foreword-Clarion Reviews ?Veni is larger than life, and her voice makes for fun reading.? Kirkus Reviews Veni is a Pumi puppy from Hungary, but she has recently been adopted by a new family from the United States and moves to their ranch in California. In this collection of letters, Veni describes her new life for her auntie back home. At first, she doesn?t think it?s fair that she has to leave her old home, learn English, and learn to get along with her new doggie housemates?Levi, another Pumi who teases her, and Demi, a standard poodle who hates her right from the start. What?s more, it seems her new human mom trains dogs for a living, and now Veni has to learn to be on her best behavior all the time. And that?s not easy for a dog who likes to get into so much trouble! She also exchanges letters with some puppy pen pals and runs the risk of getting sent to Soledog Dog Prison due to her wicked ways. Written with humor from a puppy?s perspective, Veni, Vidi, Vici shares the crazy events of one dog?s first years with her new family.

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