The Ian Fleming Miscellany

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A unique insight into how Ian Fleming created by inspiration—and sometimes plagiarism—the legend of James Bond 

The book centers on Ian Fleming the man, his contradictions, and his public and private personality. It examines the man behind the myth and how in particular he managed (unsuccessfully at first) to create a film franchise that has lasted over fifty years. It considers Fleming’s reputation as a writer, the "formula method" he perfected and the formula’s reliance on the recycling of real individuals and events as well as the occasional reliance on plagiarism. It uniquely accesses a number of closed and recently opened government files that shed light on previously unknown wartime operations such as the Air Ministry’s top secret "Operation Grand Slam", which was used in Goldfinger.


Andrew Cook is an author and TV consultant. He has written for The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, BBC History Magazine, and History Today. His previous books include On His Majesty’s Secret Service Ace of SpiesM: MI5’s First Spymaster, The Great Train Robbery, and 1963: That Was the Year That Was.