The Archers

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An extraordinary tale of desire, betrayal, and death from Britain's longest running and best loved radio serial. Wealthy, philandering gentleman farmer Brian Aldridge embarked on a casual fling with freelance translator Siobhan Hathaway, but what ensued was the most explosive affair in the history of Ambridge. After a series of secret trysts, Siobhan got pregnant, and the whole affair came out into the open. Although devastated, Brian's wife Jennifer stood by her man, and promised to forgive him as long as his mistress left Ambridge forever. Siobhan embarked on a new life in Germany, taking with her baby Ruari, the son that Brian had always wanted. For a while, it seemed as though the Aldridge family could get back to normal: until Siobhan returned with devastating news that looked set to turn everyone's lives upside down. . . For the Archers faithful and those who are joining the residents of Ambridge for the first time, this epic saga makes for compelling listening.


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