Save Your Life and the Lives of Those You Love

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Authoritative but easy-to-understand preventative health guide for the over 40s endorsed by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Learn how to prevent or detect the nine most common life-threatening illnesses and add years to your life. What are your health risks? What early symptoms or signs should you really worry about? Are you concerned about a family member's health and how to motivate them to seek help? You can take charge of your with Save Your Life, a 6-step plan for staying healthy longer that contains all the latest scientific information on prevention and early detection of the most common serious illnesses. By practicing professors Michael Kidd and Leanne Rowe and endorsed by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Save Your Life is an essential reference for everyone who cares about their own health or the health of someone they love. Why wait until you lose your health before it becomes important to you? Save your life and the lives of those you love with this easy-to-understand guide to long-term good health. You can save your own life.


Leanne Rowe is a rural general practitioner and deputy chancellor of Monash University. She is a past recipient of the Best Contribution to Health Care in Australia' awarded by the Australian Medical Association. Michael Kidd is professor and head of the Department of General Practice at the University of Sydney and works as a general practitioner in an inner city suburb. He is a member of the executive committee of the World Organization of Family Doctors and their liaison person with the World Health Organization.