If Picasso Went to the Zoo

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Each page of this educational children’s book contains a beautiful animal-themed art piece created by one of 50 art teachers from all over the world who have all chosen a famous artist to emulate. A great tool for intercurricular teaching, this book combines art history, zoology, and poetry that is informative and entertaining.  Also included are leaf icons placed under each picture to indicate whether the animal is thriving, threatened, endangered, critically endangered, extinct, or a hybrid animal not found in nature. The art and poetry will educate children about the rich traditions of art history as well as inspire kids to learn more about the famous artists that are honored on every page.


Eric Gibbons is the founder and director of Firehouse Gallery, an AENJ award-winning art educator, an artist, an inventor, and an origami master. His work has been featured in international exhibitions of art in places such as Osaka, Japan and Alexandria, Egypt. He is the author of If Picasso Had a Christmas Tree. He lives in Bordentown, New Jersey.