Learn to Crochet Socks Class DVD

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5 exclusive projects included in this class! · Crochet easy socks for men, women and kids. · Work basic crochet stitches. · Measure your foot for the perfect fit. · Crochet socks in stripes, easy textures and lace. · Crochet cuff-down and toe-up socks. · Stitch a stretchy cuff that fits easily over your foot and heel, but won’t slouch on your leg. · Work a heel flap and heel turn with a gusset. · Work a short-row heel and a quick afterthought heel.


Rohn Strong is a yarn spinner, as well as a crochet and knitwear designer who has been crocheting since he was 6. His business reflects not only a desire to push the boundaries of the craft, but also a personal connection to creating handmade items. Rohn uses design to combine his two favorite things: color and fashion! A Michigan native and North Carolina resident, Rohn describes his design work as having “urban simplicity, classic roots and easy-to-wear style.” After he left his day job three years ago, Rohn dove deep into crochet and knit design. He has since authored more than 12 e-books and one full-length book. His designs have appeared in Crochet Red! and magazines such as Love of Crochet, Love of Knitting, Inside Crochet, and others. He says, “I am a crochet designer, blogger, and enthusiast of all things yarn related. Crochet is my life and Tunisian crochet is my love."