Candlelight in a Storm
Presented at Frankfurt Book Fair and at International Book Fair Miami, both in 2015.
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"Candlelight in a Storm" by Naveen Sridhar is the biography of his wife. Born during World War II and fleeing the violence there, later fleeing communist regimes a teenager, and traveling the world, her story is at once colorful and harrowing. John F. Kennedy came to Germany and said 'Ich bin ein Berliner' signifying that Germany did not need to be forever tarnished with the legacy of the Nazi party, and there was a generation of Germany looking to establish peace and freedom in the country. This book is the ode to this generation.


Naveen Sridhar is a scientist and an author living in Germany. He has a Ph.D. in chemistry and chemical engineering. In his career as a research scientist in the German industry, he has published a vast number of scientific articles. Beside his profession, he was also active in the field of entertainment and authored the book "A Complet Guide to Ventriloquism: Principles, Practice, and Performance".

Born in India, he migrated to Germany at an early age for studies at the Technical University of Berlin. Widely traveled, he is fluent in eight languages. He lives with his wife in Germany. They have two grown sons.


Review and Testimonial
CHAPTER II: The Refuge
CHAPTER III: Forces of Darkness
CHAPTER V: The Quest
CHAPTER VI: Snakes and Ladders
CHAPTER VII: in the Lime Light


"For anyone thinking of writing this sort of family biography, this is a textbook in how to do it: combine objective overview with subjective experience. It helps that Sridhar's writing is so stylistically rich. The narrative manages to be both detailed and breezy, with enough dialogue to make it really come to life, rather than being a turgid, fact-driven history.
If you are interested in World War II and haventÄt gotten the "tóther side of the story", Candlelight in a Storm is a good place to begin, and succeeds in telling an oft-neglected side of the history of these events."- SPR Book Review

""Candlelight in a Storm is a unique, spellbinding biography in which Sridhar's paean to his courageous wife is interwoven with a scholarly work of nonfiction complete with endnotes, making connections between the lives of Renate and Naveen and events on the world stage, both in Germany and India. Sridhar accomplishes this task in a capable manner that manages to be erudite without being overbearing. Both family members and dedicated student o the human story of Berlin from the fall of Nazism, the era of the Wall, to the present day, will find Sridhar's writing both charming and elucidating....." - IndieReader

""A must-read for those interested in Germany, the UK, and India post-World War Two. A fascinating, well-written book by an author who was there." - Dan Poyner, author of The Self-Publishing Manual

Exhibited At: International book fairs