A Complete Guide to Ventriloquism
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The book shows you the perfect way to become a ventriloquist. It covers all aspects of the art of ventriloquism for beginners and professionals alike. Through many examples and exercises, you can not only learn and lead your ventriloquism skills to perfection, but you can also get everything at hand you need for the perfect performance your audience surely will never forget.


Naveen Srinivasan Sridhar was born in India and moved to Germany when he was quite young. using the stage name "Yaksha", he has worked as a professional magician and ventriloquist., performing and lecturing for various organizations around the world. Sridhar is known both for performances with his dummies Ricardo and Alfonso as well as other advanced ventriloquistic I


Preface by Siegfried and Roy
Chapter A: Announcement
Chapter B: Basics
Chapter C: Character
Chapter D: Dialog
Chapter E: Essentials
Chapter F: Finale


"I have to say you may never find a more complete and thorough work on the art of ventriloquism. Naveen has taken the time to explain every aspect of this great art in layman terms from the simplest sounds to the most complex and how to present them t the public. You will learn stage presence, manipulation and voice change to create the illusion.
There have been many books written about ventriloquism, but this one has it all; anything, you could possibly ask about ventriloquism is covered."- Dan Willinger, Ventriloquism Central

"This book goes far beyond just offering a "how to" course in ventriloquism. It actually covers many things that most books....just touch on, or do not cover at all....he also has some workable ideas on showmanship, stage presence.....and much more."- Mark Wade, children's ventriloquist and Exec. Dir. of Vent Haven International Ventriloquists' ConVENtion.

"Even after a 50+ year career in ventriloquism, I still found "The Complete Guide..." captivating and informative. Congratulations on your fresh, comprehensive and insightful explanation of this ancient art." - Clinton Detweiler, President of North American Association of Ventriloquists

"I am frequently approached...requesting advice on which Handbook on ventriloquism to read....I will heartily recommend this book. I am impressed by the thorough written descriptions,...the illustrated examples....and preparing for performances for a variety of audiences...." - Barley Robinson, Founder- The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain

Preface by SIEGFRIED & ROY