Shoal Survivor
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Although Sam is a still-not-full-grown salmon, he stands out from the rest of the crowd: a family of dolphins has adopted him. His bubble-brother, Dave, a juvenile Bottle Nosed Dolphin, is also Sam?s best bubble-buddy. They now set out on an adventure unlike anything they have known before. An adventure that stretches loyalty to breaking point, where friendships are forged in unusual places, and where attachments are formed and some are broken. There is guppy-love and jeopardy, humour, fear, stress, games, pursuit, intimidation, fun and plenty of surprises along the way. The bubble-buddies, through no fault of their own, get caught up in a plot of revenge: they are kidnapped, rescued, almost eaten, and just when they thought it was all over, war erupts. Where experienced politicians, diplomats and soldiers fail, our unlikely pair of heroes saves the day. Follow your imagination and meet to an amazingly eloquent swordfish, an irritated octopus, roguish hammer-head sharks, a sight to fright, and a fun-loving over educated blue whale. And that?s just the beginning: there are battalions of barracuda, pirate Viper-Fish, rogue sharks, military manta rays, and schools of diplomacy. Enter into this fascinating world and join the bubble-buddies on an underwater adventure.

Exhibited At: International book fairs