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More About This Title MY HEART IN EXILE


Peace and blessings to you all and welcome to the mind of a distraught Jamaican muslim immigrant poet From my vantage point this is my point of view Its lonely at the top im exiled away But i view love on the horizon out of the blue And as the moon beams down im in disarray Inside looking out no shadow concealing doubt I balance the scale judging my heart Out and about in around and throughout I can honestly say that im doing my part Outside the darkest days are joyful compared For nothing compares to being exiled i confess Im running love's gauntlet but im unimpaired Though filled im empty love has a void to congest Helpless i help myself to a dose of second guessing Has love deserted so? That's one i'd like to know My poor wounded heart is in need of caressing Chances i've took backfired but there's a die i'd like to throw Your distant love i sit and watch from the distance A distant memory i am but what a sight to behold In this unknown land how did i found entrance? Exiled away from love and what remains to be told Kush Ha Mim

Exhibited At: International book fairs