The Uncommon Cure
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"The past haunts you and the future terrifies you. What do you do, seek redemption, sink into madness, or eat? These stories follow the lives of women trying to find emotional peace through food, fantasy, or virtue. The urge for liberation from pain drives them to face conflicts arising from the desire for relief.
Eva has been carrying a terrible secret from the Second World War in Ukraine. As she approaches the end of her life, she wishes to eat herself into a diabetic coma to escape the guilt. Unfortunately, her daughter-in-law feels it is her Hippocratic duty to save Eva from gastronomic excess. While each comes at the other from complex, very different life experiences, peaceful intentions inevitably end in war.
Long ago, Sarah gave up living on the outside. Now in an attempt to insulate herself from painful events, she tries to dream an alternative reality into existence.
After Magnolia commits the ultimate sin and realizes there will be no happy ending, she must somehow find clarity and peace.
As a narrator of a sleepy American suburb comically recounts a squirrel?s demise, she soon discovers that the joke may be on her.
The Uncommon Cure shares a novella and three short stories that intertwine the struggles of several female characters as they attempt to cure their ills with unorthodox solutions."

Exhibited At: International book fairs