Where the Durian Tree Grows
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The durian fruit should not be judged by its spiky outer appearance. When you pry open the fruit, it reveals a soft, succulent, fleshy yellowish pulp that you won't find anywhere else. Locals in Southeast Asia revere the durian as the king of fruits. This collection of short stories rooted in Malaysian culture also reveals hidden treasures that aren't immediately apparent. In The Mysterious Farm, Amir spends his days scooping molten palm sugar, pouring it into small bamboo moulds, and packaging the finished product into treats. But when he notices a truck dripping a red liquid that looks like blood, he sets out to solve the mystery. In A Dream Comes True, an adolescent boy named Chee Keong works tirelessly collecting all sorts of metal objects mainly empty drink cans. Life is hard, but it gets even harder when he is accused of a theft he did not commit. You'll also read about three boys that witness an attempted murder, a young girl who saves a cocoa plantation, and two friends who work in a dragon fruit farm in this thrilling collection that showcases the importance of fair dealing and hard work.

Exhibited At: International book fairs