Life's Challenges, Experiences and Blessings
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More About This Title Life's Challenges, Experiences and Blessings


Life's Challenges, Experiences and Blessings is an inspired collaboration of poetry by Marionette Simmons about the bumps and curves that life throws at an individual. This book draws you into moments of laughter, joy and tears, with its variety appealing to readers of all ages. It has features of the author's life, travels, family and experiences. As you browse through the pages you will be able to relate some of these poems to your life or someone's life that you know. Each section has a special dedication as expressed by its titles. It has a section dedicated to both Mothers and families, but the ultimate praise in Part One is for mothers. The second part of the book entitled "Expressions" speaks to the lovers, the heart broken and the all encompassed sentimental. Read and see yourself in the words on the pages. Part Three, "Family Time" is a time of laughter and reflection of how people entering your life leave lasting impressions and finally there is Part Four. This section of the book entitled "Time for God" has become my favorite pastime as truly God has opened my eyes and birth this section. It lets you know how God can enrich your life, It has a road map that shows you where to turn when things are going good and bad and directs you to the light at the end of the dark tunnel of life. It's a good read for young, old, lovers and the redeemed. Enjoy.

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